Having splashed down for its thirteenth incarnation in the UK capital at the beginning of the month, the London Korean Film Festival is now packing up its best bits in a bindle and visiting various other cultural hotspots around the UK. In just a few days’ time, both Glasgow and Edinburgh will be the lucky beneficiaries of the itinerant extravaganza, so if you’re a fan of all things Korean, feast your eyes on this trio of cinematic delights in store.

Little Forest

Yim Soon-Rye / South Korea / 2017 / 103 mins

Disillusioned by the bright lights and bustling streets of Seoul, student Hye-won returns to the remote hamlet where she grew up. Although she initially plans to stay for a few days, the gentle rhythms of country life, the simple pleasures of rustic cuisine and the joy of reconnecting with her roots persuade her to extend the sojourn. With an emphasis on the restorative powers of culinary indulgence, expect to leave the cinema with stomach in full rumble.

@ Edinburgh Filmhouse on Fri 16 Nov


Jeon Go-Woon / South Korea / 2017 / 104 mins

Another individual dissatisfied with city living features strongly in this directorial debut, as a thirty-something housekeeper struggles to get by on minimum wage. Her only escapes from the drudgery of her cramped existence are through Liam Gallagher’s favourite vices, but when she becomes so strapped for cash that even these luxuries are beyond her reach, she chooses to sacrifice the roof over her head instead and sets out in search of the erstwhile bandmates which represent a more carefree youth.

@ GFT on Fri 16 Nov

@ Edinburgh Filmhouse on Sun 18 Nov

The Poet and the Boy

Kim Yang-He / South Korea / 2017 / 109 mins

Inspired by Thomas Mann’s 1912 novella Death in Venice, this directorial debut sees a mediocre, middle-aged poet on Jeju Island have his head turned and his world upended by the beauty of a high school dropout who sells sugary snacks for a living. As he attempts to balance his confusing new feelings with the disdain of a wife who is desperate to have a baby before her body clock dictates otherwise, this wry comedy slowly morphs into a moving map of human emotion.

@ Edinburgh Filmhouse on Wed 21 Nov

@ GFT on Sat 24 Nov