As Glasgow Film Festival enters its second week, there are plenty of famous faces and stunning screenplays lighting up Scotland’s largest city. But while this year’s programme is stuffed fit to burst with instant classics and indie gems alike, the west coast won’t be having all the fun this March. The Edinburgh Filmhouse also boasts an enviable itinerary for the coming month. Take a look at the full schedule here or cast your eyes over our own picks below.

The Man Who Killed Don Quixote

Terry Gilliam / UK / 2018 / 133 mins

Decades in the making, Terry Gilliam’s sideways take on the Miguel de Cervantes classic is finally here. Toby (Adam Driver) is a disillusioned film director who returns to the rural Spanish village where he shot a film adaptation of Don Quixote ten years prior. After reuniting with the elderly cobbler Javier (Jonathan Pryce) who played Quixote in his movie, Toby finds himself pulled into a series of quixotic and increasingly bizarre adventures.

@ Filmhouse from Fri 6 Mar


Philippa Lowthorpe / UK / 2020 / 106 mins

The 1970 Miss World competition provides the backdrop for this intriguing and nuanced investigation into feminism, women’s rights and gender equality. While host city London feels the pressure from staunch feminists protesting the competition’s blatant sexism, the fact that it’s the first one to ever feature black contestants shows that it comprises a liberating experience for some.

@ Filmhouse from Fri 13 Mar


Kleber Mendonça Filho, Juliano Dornelles / Brazil, France / 2019 / 131 mins

This madcap genre mashup is a thinly veiled jibe at the recent election of far-right Brazilian president Jair Bolsonaro. When Teresa (Bárbara Colen) arrives in her hometown after the death of her grandmother, she finds it has become overrun with entitled middle-class elites. At the same time, it’s also the stage for a slew of strange and sinister goings-on, prompting the entire town into drastic action.

@ Filmhouse from Fri 13 Mar

Dark Waters

Todd Haynes / USA / 2019 / 127 mins

After making his name defending Big Pharma against allegations of environmental neglect, corporate lawyer Rob Bilott (Mark Ruffalo) finds himself conflicted when he uncovers evidence that those allegations may well be true. In particular, one West Virginian chemical plant appears to have been illicitly dumping toxic waste; as Rob pulls on the thread, he unravels a major scandal that will take 15 years to come to full fruition.

@ Filmhouse from Fri 20 Mar

True History of the Kelly Gang

Justin Kurzel / Australia, UK / 2019 / 125 mins

Australian folk hero and famed outlaw Ned Kelly is given a fresh perspective in this raw, punky adaptation of Peter Carey’s Man Booker-winning novel of the same name. Growing up in the barren wastelands of the Australian outback, the odds are already heavily stacked against Ned from a young age, but when the British authorities continue to rule with self-righteous swagger and little regard for those they govern, he’s set on a collision course with the law that can only end in bloodshed.

@ Filmhouse from Fri 27 Mar