Konnichiwa Scotland! The ears of anime lovers all over the country should be well and truly pricked up, as the Scotland Loves Anime festival returns to our shores for the ninth year running. This time around, the Glasgow Film Theatre (12th to 14th) and the Edinburgh Filmhouse (15th to 21st) will be welcoming a plethora of new releases, classic gems and insightful talks into their cosy confines. For a proper gander at what’s afoot, head over to the Scotland Loves Anime website, but here’s a sneak peek at some of the highlights to whet that whistle of yours.

My Hero Academia: Two Heroes

Kenji Nagasaki / Japan / 2018 / 96 mins

The two heroes of the title, All Might and Deku, receive an invitation to visit the Hollywood of science on a floating island. While ogling all the shiny knowledgeable baubles around them, Deku has his fancy taken by a girl and a nefarious do-badder hacks into the island’s security system, taking everyone on board prisoner. Who you gonna call? Two heroes, of course.

@ GFT on Sat 13 Oct at 14.30

@ Edinburgh Filmhouse on Sat 20 Oct at 18.00

Penguin Highway

Hiroyasu Ishida / Japan / 2018 / 118 mins

A serious 10-year-old boy with a penchant for note-taking suddenly stumbles across the inexplicable appearance of hundreds of penguins in his sleepy little village. Where did these flightless furballs come from? Our hero Aoyama isn’t sure – but he’ll be damned if he isn’t going to find out. As his investigation progresses, it becomes clear the penguin phenomenon may or may not be related to the peculiar behaviour of a girl who may or may not be related to him.

@ GFT on Sat 13 Oct at 20.10

@ Edinburgh Filmhouse on Sat 20 Oct at 13.00


Mamoru Hosoda / Japan / 2018 / 98 mins

Four-year-old Kun is spoiled rotten by his parents – and he likes it that way, thank you very much. Then along comes baby sister Mirai and threatens to upset his cushty applecart, until he finds a garden portal with time-travelling capabilities. Cue encounters with relatives from different eras, which teach this pampered pre-schooler a thing or two about life, family and all that hoo-ha.

@ GFT on Sun 14 Oct at 18.00

@ Edinburgh on Sat 20 Oct at 15.40

I Want to Eat your Pancreas

Shin’ichirô Ushijima / Japan / 2018 / 108 mins

Teenage crushes are hard enough as it is, but when you accidentally discover that the object of your affections has a terminal illness which no one else outside of her family knows about, things really get tough. This heart-wrenching tale of love and loss delves into the subject of youngsters taken before their time and how the sharing of troubles can lighten their load. Moving stuff.

@ GFT on Sun 14 Oct at 20.20

@ Edinburgh Filmhouse on Fri 19 Oct at 20.15