We know how Scottish comedians feel. You’re here all year, then come August everyone else descends on Edinburgh and starts acting like they own the place. “When the Fringe stops, we don’t!” could in fact be our slogan, as well as the slogan of the Scottish Comedy Festival which takes over the Beehive on the Grassmarket for the duration of the Fringe, showing visitors that the locals have just as much to offer as anyone else at this international gathering.

This seventh year of the festival promises to be the most extensive lineup yet, with solo acts, compilation shows, improv and more. It includes established comics like Raymond Mearns and Gary Little, and acts making their fringe debut like Aberdonian duo Declan McGuigan and Iain Daniels. In total, there’ll be over 500 performances of 23 different shows at this performer run space.

The full line up for the 2018 Scottish Comedy Festival is:

11:00 Obie: Memory Man
11:30 Rosco Mcclelland & David Callan: Hair of the Dog
12:30 Richard Pulsford: Uns-pun
12:45 Edinburgh Revue’s Stand-up Show 2018
13:30 Liam Withnail & Christopher Macarthur-Boyd: Cool Jokes & Hot Takes
14:00 Daniel Downie: 2 O’Clock Gun
14:00 Rod Hunter: On The Ball!
14:45 Raymond Mearns & Gary Little: Still Got It
15:15 Bob Graham: It’s easy to be Cynical
16:00 Freestyle Comedy: Improvised Stand-Up
16:30 Jay Lafferty & Kier McAllister: Club Sets
17:15 Ross Leslie: Asking for a Friend
17:45 Rick Molland & Sully O’Sullivan: A New Political Comedy Show
18:30 Gary Little: Big Mouth
19:00 Raymond Mearns: Is in the House
19:55 Gus Lymburn: The idiot
20:15 Eddy Brimson: Fidgety Tits
21:00 Scotland’s Pick of the Fringe
21:30 Bruce Fummey: ‘Aaave You Been Involved in a Comedy Show
22:15 Scot Roast
22:45 Declan McGuigan & Iain Daniels: Malakas
23:30 Martin Bearne: Bearne the Midnight Oil
23:59 Last Orders: Pick of the Fringe Late Night

For individual show dates and ticket prices see www.scottishcomedyfestival.com or follow @ScotComFest