From Colombia in South America, Circolombia serves up an explosive hour of passion, dance, song and some pretty outstanding circus acts, celebrating Colombia’s rich diversity. This is no ordinary circus. Featuring the sheer power and skill of 14 performers from across this country,  Acéléré combines mind-boggling skills that terrify the audiences.

A male acrobat suspending a female comrade, who moves gracefully, twisting and turning, from nothing but a strap held by his mouth; a giant wheel balanced on a male performer’s forehead as a tiny, female performer executes graceful, precise moves within it; six males performing sky-high tumbling moves with a sprung ‘see-saw; a rope swinging female performer, flying as high as she can, almost touching the rafters; the petite, dark haired girl with the spring in her step, bouncing effortlessly like Tigger from the backs of her male colleagues’ hands. The stupendous show has the audience’s hearts in our mouths, shrieking in wonderment throughout.

An original soundtrack, music and street-dance play a prominent role throughout, with two sassy and sexy performers providing much of the vibe, singing and rapping whilst the tricks are performed, with many of the artists joining in.

Dynamic, graceful and mindbogglingly skillful, this dynamic circus troupe displays individual and collective energy, perfectly capturing the passion and diversity of Colombia and South America and will have you shimmying in your seats.