(Scottish Fiction Records, out Fri 30 Mar 2018)

From the first listen, it is apparent from the confidence and assurance that snakes through this four track debut that Glaswegian five-piece Acrylic have spent a decent amount of time honing their craft since they formed back in 2014.

We start on solid indie rock ground with opener Where I Lie, which had previously been released as a split AA 7” vinyl with Scottish Fiction label mates Mt Doubt; a track that starts quietly but builds into a rousing chorus with lead singer Andreas Christodoulidis’s velvety vocals complimented by crashing drums and shimmering guitars reminiscent of the Stone Roses.

The second track, In Here/Tonight, veers into a more of an indie-pop territory. However, don’t let the song’s sweet jangly melody lull in you into a false sense of security. As you listen carefully to the lyrics, you will find a deeply melancholic track. Next up is Overrun which moves back to more rock ground but is a similarly melancholic number. This is not the only similarity with the previous track as both songs have a decidedly 80s vibe, although this is more apparent on Overrun where Christodoulidis’s vocals have a distinctly Morrissey flavour to them.

While these three tracks are all decent indie fare it is the fourth and final track All I Am that impresses the most, as well as seeing the band stretch themselves the most musically. The song is a beautiful seven minute epic that sees the group push into the realm of atmospheric math-rock. It seems to suit them well and makes you hope that they will plough this furrow further as they go forward with their career. In the end, this EP, while not quite outstanding, is certainly a decent calling card for the band and does whet the appetite for what they can accomplish on a full length album.