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Scott Murphy

Host of New Horror Express podcast. He is also a film fanatic (not just horror), metalhead, comedy nerd and wrestling fan and can frequently be found writing or chatting about all of them

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Edinburgh Park

Damon Albarn

Ex-Blur frontman’s performance goes from rocky beginnings to triumphant finish

Old College Quad

Kinnaris Quintet

Glasgow quintet fly the flag for traditional Celtic music while also breathing new life into it

Old College Quad


Instrumental trio bring the noise for raucous evening of Trad folk with a twist.

Nightshift Zoe


Glasgow post-punk outfit deliver occasionally frustrating but oft-hypnotic record


Near-future gig economy satire sparkles with ideas but doesn’t quite stick the landing


Gripping psychological horror full political and supernatural terror

Special Actors

One Cut of the Dead director offers slight but eminently charming caper comedy follow-up