During the Edinburgh Fringe the Traverse Theatre is hosting several shows that look at gender identity. This fantastic series of performances includes Adam from writer Frances Poet, director Cora Bissett and the cast of Adam Kashmiry and Neshla Caplan.

Adam follows the journey of a refugee who discovers his true self beyond the body that he was born in to. Adam grew up in Egypt and travelled to Scotland in hope of a better life compared to the one that he was destined to back home. The journey Adam goes on is not easy. Adam is constantly put under pressure to conceal his true self and conform to a way of life that he does not understand or deserve. His application for asylum is rejected and he is taken advantage of in the work place. Adam’s life is not straight forward and these complications are the driving force of the story.

The digital and online world plays a major role in the performance. Throughout the show we are presented with online videos and images of the Arab Spring. The political unrest and upheaval in many ways mirrors Adam’s own turmoils and the connection between the self and the digital world is a close and relevant one. The set is used as method to present this digital landscape, with a screen to the back of the stage and the floor of the performance space being employed in fantastic and innovative methods.

Digital communication also acts as means to show that Adam’s story strikes a chord with many people. The protagonist uses the internet to discover more about gender identity and this presents a moving and haunting online choir of transgender voices and makes way for a touching and powerful conclusion. The story of Adam is epic and the performers undertake a variety of roles during the eighty minute show. Adam Kashmiry stands out, as it is his story and his journey that is presented on the stage with passion and honesty. Adam is part of the Made in Scotland Showcase at the Edinburgh Fringe. This grouping of shows and events highlight the work that is performed by Scottish companies and artists and Adam can take pride and place as one of the best.