Forget Pitch Perfect, forget Glee, this super talented A Cappella group from Bath, Aquapella are the real deal and are back for their fourth year at the Fringe to wow us with their musical renditions, brilliant choreography, lighting and, at this performance, it is all done without mics, due to a technical malfunction. If they are fazed by this, it doesn’t show and they carry on regardless, albeit 30 minutes after the curtain is due to go up.

Dressed in different shades of blue, each displaying their own style, this group of thirteen (seven boys and six girls) belt out an array of songs inviting the audience to get to know them by offering up stories of who they are and what has shaped them as individuals which forms the thread for their show, I Wouldn’t Be. They may all have their own individual talents, both vocally and personally, but they ultimately come together as one on stage, supporting each other emotionally and in song.

As UK National Champions of A Cappella in both 2017 and 2018, this family friendly  show is one with honesty and intention and the group has been working in tandem with MIND, the UK Mental Health charity, to donate all profits, teaching us the importance of opening up and talking about our mental health. Their closing number, a beautiful arrangement of Kodaline‘s “I wouldn’t be” is inspiring and very moving.

Only here for a limited run (until 12 August) Aquapella offers wonderful harmonies and honesty that can only be good for your mental health.