@ King’s Theatre, Glasgow, until Sat 29 Aug 2015; and
@ Edinburgh Playhouse, Mon 9 to Sat 14 May 2016

Avenue Q preserves the appraised characteristics of Sesame Street puppets, whilst offering a raw, modernistic musical for the adult audience. It is one of those shows that should be on everyone’s bucket list. Performing to a capacity of 1600 at Glasgow’s King’s Theatre, this simple story follows the journey of Princeton, a man (or in this case, puppet) who relocates to New York City with a college degree, only to find himself unemployed and struggling with an identity crisis.

Even with a moderate cast of eleven, the synchronisation between actors and puppets is immaculate and proves to be a small production with a big impact. Jessica Parker, Stephen Arden, Sarah Harlington and Richard Lowe operate a series of nine puppets and really do bring each character to life. Etisyai Philip, Ariana II and Richard Morse also excel in the execution of their human characters, bringing together a diverse collection of personalities, whilst supporting actors Cleopatra Joseph, Douglas Walker, Felicity Wright and Michael Woolston-Thomas create a sense of community behind the scenes.

Robert Lopez and Jeff Marx create the perfect soundtrack with favourites such as Everyone’s A Little Bit Racist, If You Were Gay, It Sucks To Be Me and The Internet Is For Porn, which result in a standing ovation. The high energy numbers contain just the right amount of politically incorrect, laugh out loud moments.

Directed by Cressida Carre, this poignant, in-your-face musical explores the complexities of modern society with themes of homosexuality, pornography, racism, love and relationships and career. Sticking with tongue-in-cheek humour, there is nothing in this naughty musical that the audience cannot resonate with.

True entertainment with value.