The Traverse Theatre Fringe programme is filled with many gems, but there is one performance that stands out from the others. On Monday 22nd the world premiere of the new ‘guerrilla gig’ performance from Julia Taudevin is taking place. With only two shows during the festival it is not surprising that Traverse One is packed out with eager audience members looking to experience Blow Off.

Blow Off  begins in an explosive style. The lights dim, the band enters and the loud, aggressive and magnificent music kicks the show off. The performance is a chaotic psychological journey told through belligerent music and hard-hitting spoken word. Julia Taudevin has bold and ferocious voice and she doesn’t shy away from using it. Blow Off tells as abstract and obscure story that looks at the extremism and psychosomatic behaviour. The music reflects the tone and the biting words underline the rough severity of the topics.

The backing band for the performance is made up of two of Scotland’s finest indie bands. Tuff Love provide drums, bass and guitar and are constantly gigging around the UK and releasing EP’s and albums on Lost Map Records. Kim Moore is also no stranger to the indie scene in Scotland, as she is the former singer with Chemikal Underground signees Zoey Van Goey. She provides strings, keys and haunting backing vocals. The dynamic of the band is inspiring and they sound brilliant through the Traverse Theatre PA system. The music really takes the audience on a journey through the performance and conveys the fervid and fiery emotion of the show.

Later this year Blow Off will be touring the UK with dates at the Dundee Rep and a show at the excellent Spree Festival in Paisley. The energy of the performance and the brilliant music will hopefully draw a wide audience to the show. The soundtrack is rough and ragged and needs to be experienced in a live setting.