Norwegian rock band Boomerang Rapido are releasing their debut album Rises Again after three years of live shows and EP releases. With a bold simplicity, the band present a collection of tracks that are simply fun rock tunes.

Boomerang Rapido certainly don’t have a ‘signature’ sound that is overtly distinct from the rock market but they do have a clear passion for the music they make. Their approach to music is very much ‘if it ain’t broke don’t fix it.’ The best way to describe it would be safe. Rises Again isn’t 60s and 70s nostalgia rock but that era has obvious influence on the band.

It’s the kind of rock music you’d find lost somewhere in a Jackass movie soundtrack. Easy on the ears but still heavy enough to be cool. The main songwriters Jørn and Gaute manage to keep each track different enough that it never feels like an album of one song but there is an overlying playful tone that connects each song. You won’t find much of an exploration of form and meter here but the guitar riffs are enjoyable and each chorus stays catchy.

The band’s influences poke their heads out more overtly at times. Ballin’ rather strangely sounds a bit like a Bob Dylan song. It’s easy to imagine the band recording the song after spending the day listening to Highway 61 Revisited with the occasional Dead Kennedys album thrown in. Baby I Was Wrong is reminiscent of a Beatles track but with a stronger Blur influence. Throughout the guitar melodies are very Dead Kennedys. If Boomerang Rapido were going to be influenced by anyone they’ve definitely got good taste.

For a somewhat formulaic album it’s strangely entertaining to pick apart the inspirations for the band. There’s clearly a Dylan and Lennon influence in the vocals but the guitars and backing have a punk rock feel. Rises Again is an easy listen and a perfect advert for one of Boomerang Rapido’s live shows, which are surely a blast for rock and roll fans.