Note: This review is from the 2016 Fringe

As we drift along the current of life, we are shaped by the humans we encounter. In this circus show from the highly skilled Australian company, Casus Circus, three men and two girls perform jaw-dropping acrobatic stunts showing us the inter-connectedness of human contact and how this shapes our lives. ┬áBeautiful and graceful, their strength defies what is anatomically, and for most people, humanly possible – and that includes the girls, as they balance their male companions.

Driftwood is a circus show that does not let you forget that to feel is to be human and in a moment of danger, a grasping hold is survival. The company create unique, shapes interacting with each other, showing the power of touch and hold. They each play their part in linking to each other showing the need for trust. A great musical score accompanies their moves, injecting humour and beauty into this hour of circus, and graceful, physical movement.

With aerial ropes, hoops, and a contraption resembling a clothes stand (which is in fact a balancing implement used on the head of one of the males for the other to climb up and perform death defying stunts), this show will have you gasping for breath as they complete their moves.

Casus Circus is an exciting, aesthetically strong circus company, who have won international accolades for their previous piece, Knee Deep, which played in Edinburgh a few years ago. This show will leave you marvelling at the human form, its extreme power and beauty and how our lives are shaped by our connections with others.