Note: This review is from the 2019 Fringe

Daniel Serridge welcomes the audience to his table, laid with plates, napkins and pens. He has a delectable feast of tales, in fact there are even two menus to choose between, delicious or disgusting, and each is filled with fun, interesting and well told tales.

Beginning with tongue twisters as an amuse bouché to have everyone giggling, there is a vote for the afternoon’s menu.  The courses are served, with fun, audience participation and laughter and each is washed down by the most excellent toasts. Every story features food or banquets, but all are very different giving a nice overall theme but with plenty of variety.

The stories have been carefully chosen to allow for plenty of audience participation, either with actions, calling out or making noises and this really gets the younger ones involved and keeps them engaged for the whole hour. Similarly the length and theme of each story is well suited to children, but very young children may struggle with the vocabulary level in places. Although I suspect Daniel will adapt his tales to his audience, this show feels best suited to 7-10 year olds. Teenagers may not appreciate the audience participation very much, though adults who are up for making loud animal noises and silly tongue twisters will find themselves quite at home. Cleverly naming the menus avoids the need to be able to read the individual courses, while encouraging discussion before voting gets everyone involved and taking about the different tales on offer.

Having an overall theme for this piece works to bring it together in a cohesive work, while each story had a different style to keep things interesting and different. Daniel has a great rapport with his audience, drawing us all in and keeping everyone engaged. He has obviously put an awful lot of thought into crafting this performance.  The timings and pace of the overall show along with using different techniques to get everyone involved is carefully done.

For Feast of Fools Daniel has scoured the globe to source the finest ingredients for the feast, and with two menus to choose from these silly, scrumptious stories are sure to satisfy.