The Saltire Burlesque Academy are, in their own words, all about “glitz and glamour, fun and sparkle”. With Frills in Lockdown, they live up to their own billing with a showcase that lets a packed roster of performers do the talking. This is a show that likely won’t captivate regulars to the Scottish variety scene, but still showcases the best that burlesque can offer an eager crowd.

The first three acts – Harley Rose, Indigo Blossom and Foxy Wiggles – set the tone with performances set to pounding rock music and full to the brim with energy. Kicking off with Cher’s ‘Welcome to Burlesque’ is a pitch perfect note to start the show, a tone that takes an unexpected but welcome turn when academy instructors perform a dance set to ‘Candyman’ (decked out in rainbow colours for Pride). 

In a short show there is a quick turnover of performers, host Felicity Flirtwell chipping in only a few sentences between each of the acts (with unfortunately poor audio mixing meaning she is much quieter than the acts). Flirtwell has a perfect atmosphere for a host, chilled out with a glass of wine as she gleefully introduces each of the acts. Her enthusiasm seems at its most abundant when introducing Lew Lew la Boom Boom, the night’s Boylesque act who she describes as “a very special treat.” She’s proved right, with Boom Boom channelling Tom Cruise in Risky Business as he jives and flaunts his way into your memory.

The rest of the acts – Rosy Blush, Bunny Bloom, Busty Blu and Dazzle Dior – maintain the show’s high standard right through until the end. It does exactly what it needs to; provide an empowering, glamorous platform for those with a desire to entertain to do exactly that. Passion and style are on full display as the best of amateur burlesque reveals itself before your eyes.


Frills in Lockdown can be streamed online here until 30th August