Such is the manner in which Christmas hype always starts off far too early, Halloween is at risk of being overshadowed. So, it’s a nice touch that the pantomime, so often associated with the festive season, has now been re-appropriated for All Hallows’ Eve. Glass Slippers and Silver Bullets offers a subversive and amusing alternative to the beloved theatrical tradition, even if the antics are perhaps not far-fetched enough.

Loosely adapting the story of Cinderella and throwing everything from Dracula to werewolves in there for good measure, Glass Slippers and Silver Bullets is funny, occasionally filthy, and always in the true presence of pantomime (even in the absence of an easily identifiable ‘dame’). Blending together different elements of fairy-tale and folklore, the end product feels suitably patchwork in an easily admired manner. Nobody in the audience is here for plot consistency; they are here for fits and giggles and, thanks to many quick asides and jests, Glass Slippers and Silver Bullets offers exactly that.

Predictably for a show like this, resulting from some plucky artistic craft and a miniscule budget, it isn’t seamless. While all the cast are exceptional, the ugly sister Boris needs to project more compared to the other characters. She feels frustratingly in the background at times, despite being given some of the best scenes (a sentient pumpkin stands out more than her). At other times, the physical comedy doesn’t waver towards outlandish enough. Edinburgh’s festival scene is no stranger to lewd and achingly funny acts of carnival, and the script seemingly cannot accommodate the improvised zip that the show needs to go beyond a pedestrian exercise in comedy.

These issues, however, afflict many pantomimes. Glass Slippers and Silver Bullets still deserves praise for transferring the beloved art form to another time of year. There is clear and genuine talent among the cast, who have great chemistry and bring gleefully distinct energies to all their characters. For a late night Halloween laugh, this show is a sure bet for entertainment.