Listen, can you hear it? The machines are becoming sentient. London quintet Housewives have created something incredibly beautiful here, a post-Aphex Twin, porous soundscape which owes more to the further fields of electronic music. Think about sculptors of sound Gazelle Twin and Oneohtrix Point Never, and you’re in the right zone.

Speak To Me is absolutely chilling, yelping sirens against synth decay. It’s like The Pop Group on heavy sedation.

This sense of disorientation and dislocation permeates, and it’s as jarring as it is gorgeous. It’s probably best experienced, as with all the best experimental music, in the dark, horizontal and wearing headphones.

Smttnkttns does odd things with vocoders – it buries them within the mix, so that vocals and treated synth sounds become entwined, almost indistinguishable from the other.

The machines are we, or are we them? Both future focused and eerily reminiscent of abandoned British fairgrounds, as with the epic Hexadecimalwave / Binary Rock, the sense of time and place warps like a fever dream. The ambient crunch washes over the brain in ripples. It’s not unpleasant, more like a feeling of narcotic surrender, sublimation of all senses.

It’s not all noodles though – Texu takes dense, jittery percussion as its jumping off point, and it’s an exercise in desolation.

The machines are taking over. Soon, humans will be an afterthought, mere meat to chew on. Pass me some supplies, torches and survivalist overalls, I’m going off-grid.