Note: This review is from the 2015 Fringe

@ Summerhall, Edinburgh, until Sat 29 Aug 2015 @ 16:20

For a show billed as “dance, theatre” there’s a oddly drawn out build-up of stillness before are any signs of movement. The two performers stand side by side, singing very quietly in harmony. As the vigour of their song increases so to do their actions (foot tapping, arm swaying) until they are both jumping up and down in time with each other.

Once this landmark of action has been reached, there’s an expectation for it to continue building, for the pair to start back flipping and cartwheeling around the stage. But this is never realised. Amusingly, the dancers just continue to bounce on the spot, with the same self-awareness on their faces a stand-up comedian might have after cracking a particularly good gag. Although the movements are simple, their knowing expressions draw you in, as if there’s a punchline round the corner that will knock our socks off.

Sadly, this preliminary window of anticipation is the peak of this show’s intrigue. Although the twosome traverse around the stage in (near) synchronised movements, apart from the occasional twist, there’s little technical skill on show to keep the full hour entertaining and soon the incessant bouncing becomes tedious.

The gap of technical skill wouldn’t necessarily detract from the performance if they built on the drama seen when the bouncing first begins, wryly eyeing up the spectators with a knowing grin. But even though they hop into the audience and give each member a shot of whisky, even their playfulness becomes repetitive. Despite glimmers of enjoyment the unimaginative choreography prevents this dance show from delighting.