Note: This review is from the 2016 Fringe

A quick glimpse at a BBC news intro shows Jonathan Pie’s most glorious reporting moments, before the man himself shows up. With suit, tie and earpiece, everything you need to look serious in front of the camera, Pie is every inch the professional journalist. But there’s a problem: Jonathan Pie is a spoof reporter and tonight he is hosting BBC’s Children In Need broadcast.

This evening, Pie does not jump straight into the political ranting which has made his online videos so popular, he smoothly points out the irony of somebody sitting in a bathroom of baked beans to raise money for starving children. Soon after, he launches into a left-wing, Guardianista, Corbynista, Tory-hate marathon based on the broken promises of politicians. He spits sarcasm all over the place. The spotlight is taken by David Cameron, who Pie has referred to as a “pig fellatio enthusiast”, and of course, Theresa May, the “walking corpse of Margaret Thatcher”. He might have left foreign politics out of the show, but the shameful face of the Foreign Secretary gets a fair share of constructive critique.

However, it isn’t his best moment when he screams at the audience that voters are the ones to blame for the Conservatives being in power, not when so many in Scotland feel deeply part of Team Nicola.

Fact by fact the British government and its agenda is torn to pieces, with Pie screaming, filled with frustration, mostly fuelled by the brutal inequality of the United Kingdom. The rich are getting richer and nobody cares about the poor. We are faced with the blatant truth in an honest stage monologue from a reporter who is desperate for justice in the welfare state.