Just These, Please are a charming new sketch group who manage to squeeze 25 fresh and imaginative skits into their debut Fringe show. They achieve this thanks to actors Georgie Jones, Philippa Carson, Will Sebag-Montefiore and Daniel Oldroyd delivering a rapid-fire, laughter-filled lunchtime performance to an enthusiastic crowd.

The actors all wear men’s suits, which is convenient given many of the sketches are office based, and the black backdrop allows the performers to showcase their skills with no distractions for the audience to fixate on. Each sketch finishes with a short burst of music, which provides a handy break for applause and allows the show to flow seamlessly from one sketch to the next.

The short vignettes are tightly written and packed with jokes, with some making light of everyday office scenarios and family life while others veer toward the more absurd end of the comedy spectrum – the skit with foul-mouthed talking smoothies being a highlight. There’s a bit involving Princesses Kate and Meghan which had the audience in stitches, as well as a couple of hysterical genitalia gags that employ bald caps to comic effect.

The action is nicely balanced between all four members of the troupe, who have great chemistry and seem to genuinely enjoy working together. There is a great use of regional accents with all members of the group taking on multiple nationalities in a humorous but not mocking manner (sometimes when a “comedy” Scottish accent is deployed it’s more a piss-take than homage).

Whether the Just These, Please performers continue to work together following their Fringe debut or go their separate ways come September, there is an interesting and impressive array of talent on display. An enjoyable way to spend just under an hour of your lunchtime, although you might swear off smoothies after seeing the show…