Kevin P. Gilday & The Glasgow Cross – Experience Essential

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Fine spoken word and music crossover by co-host of Sonnet Youth

Image of Kevin P. Gilday & The Glasgow Cross – Experience Essential

(Iffy Folk/Nymphs & Thugs, out Mon 18 Jun 2018)

Spoken word record company Nymphs & Thugs have teamed up with Glasgow based music label Iffy Folk to release the debut album from Kevin P. Gilday & The Glasgow Cross. Experience Essential sees spoken word artist Gilday deliver a series of vocally driven and authoritative songs that are presented with powerful and inventive backing tracks. The album fully showcases the vitality of the poet’s words and presents a new and fresh way to experience spoken word poetry.

Kevin P. Gilday is the co-host of performance night Sonnet Youth and is a regular on the spoken word scene in Scotland. Experience Essential draws on musical influences including Can, Arab Strap and The Fall and the 15 track record is a fine collaboration with multi-instrumentalist Ralph Hector.

Album opening track and first single is The Man Who Loved Beer. It is the perfect introduction to Experience Essential and sets the tone and framework for the record. The piece is filled with self-degradation, irony, comedy and an infectious rhythm.

HardcorePornographyisSlowlyMurderingMySenseofSelf.com is the first track on Experience Essential with no musical accompaniment. It only features the raw delivery from Gilday. Here the isolated vocals emphasise the isolation of the protagonist of the piece, where pornography addiction consumes someone’s life. To Live and Die in Dennistoun, How to Spot a Tory and Found In The Mud all present sharp and shrewd lyrics where the poet has a knack for capturing the humour and contradictions of modern life in Glasgow and beyond. Album closing track There’s A Workie In My House has a slow jazz bassline and rhythm that underlie the poet’s declarations of anxiety and apprehension. Again irony and absurdity come to the fore in what is a tranquil, yet edgy conclusion to the album. The track has a prickly unease about it and leaves the listener in a tepid state of mind and yearning for a repeat listen to fully pick up on the nuance and peculiarity of Gilday’s words.

Experience Essential is available on digital download, CD and limited edition vinyl. Spoken Word may not initially seem like a medium that should be enjoyed on vinyl. However, the warm tones of Kevin P. Gilday’s voice and Ralph Hector’s creative music would work perfect on the format.

Experience Essential album launch is @ The Flying Duck, Glasgow on Sat 23 Jun 2018 and @ Leith Depot, Edinburgh on Sun 24 Jun 2018. Sonnet Youth has regular events in both Glasgow and Edinburgh.