Note: This review is from the 2019 Fringe

In 2016 Lucy McCormick left audiences stunned with her bold performance, Triple Threat. In 2019 she is back with a new show and is continuing the theme of reenacting important moments in history in her own unique and transgressive way.

In Post Popular McCormick looks to the past in order to find positive female role models. She is joined on stage by two assistants and we are told that the audience are also going to be part of the show. She begins by telling the story of Adam and Eve with the audience taking on the role of the Garden of Eden. Historical accuracy may not be the focus of the performance, but comedy, improvisation and physical theatre most certainly is.

Lucy clearly loves pop music and augments the show with powerful vocals and dance moves. Although the songs don’t exactly fit the time and place of the period, they do convey the emotions and show that Lucy can use her voice in powerful and evocative ways. Brash interaction with the audience keeps the people engaged and creates an unpredictable vibe and at no point does the performer lose control of the show as she uses her confidence to charm the audience into her bizarre and subversive history lesson. Lucy talks directly to the crowd and ensures that we are fully involved in the performance. At the half way point there is even an intermission where the performer kicks back, has some snacks and takes a rest from the exhausting physical performance.

The history lesson concludes with the beheading of Anne Boleyn. It’s an over the top re-staging that continues the unpredictable and explosive nature of the show. The conclusion leaves the audience open-mouthed having witnessed a breathtaking and hilarious performance.