Note: This review is from the 2013 Fringe

Showing @ Pleasance Courtyard, Edinburgh until Sun 25 Aug @ 13:00

The BBC is one of Britain’s most trusted institutions, domestically and abroad. However, a string of scandals has made Auntie a prime target for satire. And with a celebrity heading the cast who’s known almost exclusively for his work at the establishment, you should be on to a winner. When Rachel Clarke (Suki Webster) is promoted to Acting Head of News, she gets a baptism of fire as a story is unearthed which could bring the Beeb to its knees. She must now choose whether to side with her morals or with the Director-General.

Initially, Making News ticks all boxes; acclaimed writers, high production values and celebrity cast. It also addresses almost everything you’d expect, from interdepartmental rivalries to corruption and ‘political impartiality’. But there are no fangs to its bite. Most jokes fail because of bad timing or poor projection, and the cast seem devoid of life. It’s only Hal Cruttenden (as conceited news reader, Jonathan McVeigh) and Phill Jupitus (the dodgy DG) in their climactic showdown who prevent the show completely failing. Making News would be more successful if it focused less on flashy gimmicks and more on commentary. After all, this is the BBC – not Sky.