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Don Quijote

An adaptation of Cervantes’ classic novel and an impassioned defence of idealism.

Revolution Society

A show that lampoons the current generation’s lack of imagination but inadvertently reveals its own.

This Side of Paradise

Dudendance’s newest installation piece explores the reifying effects of violence through movement and music.

Artaud: A Trilogy

The Lincoln Company’s attempt to bring Artaud back to the stage is a successful failure.

Bunker Trilogy: Morgana

This first installment of the Bunker Trilogy is an original and highly successful adaptation of the Arthurian legend.

Making News

Making News is a new satire about the Beeb which won’t be getting the headlines.

Tejas Verdes

A collection of monologues by Fermín Cabal which reveal the true horror of the Pinochet regime.


Gecko have devised a production rich with psychical imagery and effortlessly impressive choreography.

Sans Salomé

The first of Fourth Monkey’s 2013 package is wildly underwhelming.