Note: This review is from the 2019 Fringe

Matt Forde has been bringing acerbic political comedy to the Fringe for years, and 2019 has given him no shortage of material for the undeniably funny Brexit, Pursued by a Bear.

As ever, Forde turns his mocking attention to every side of the political spectrum and the heat is turned up indiscriminately on everyone. The show is definitely best enjoyed by someone with a basic who’s-who of British politics, but Forde is careful to give context on any more obscure references.

The show feels a little unpolished in its flow, but it’s nonetheless impressive that Forde has pulled the thing together so recently in the wake of a change in prime minister. It’s not giving away much to say the show contains a Boris Johnson impression or two, and Forde has our new PM down to a T.

Forde has the charisma of a professional performer, but on this occasion didn’t seem entirely at ease when ad-libbing or interacting with the audience. Later in the show he suffered a performer’s nightmare of two separate walk-outs, but his bumbling attempts to heckle both men caused more painful audience silence than laughter.

The content of the show doesn’t reach too far beyond the low-hanging fruit of ridiculing politician’s most laughable foibles, but Forde is consistently entertaining and his unrivalled impersonations are enough to be worth a watch on their own.