@Assembly Hall, Edinburgh, until Mon 31 Aug @ 12.00

This contemporary dance performance by EDx2 Dance Company, is one of the five productions brought together by AtoBiz to form the Korean Season at Assembly this August. One Fine Day is a double bill of EDx2’s most acclaimed works: Modern Feeling and What We’ve Lost. All the choreography is of a contemporary-lyrical style, with elements of hip-hop and acrobatics thrown in, performed throughout with excellent precision and use of synchronization.

The first tale is performed by two male dancers and tells of a conflicting relationship, sometimes passionate sometimes aggressive. Set to separate pieces of music, the two dancers often remain linked in some way, performing as one, and displaying fantastic chemistry and trust in one another. Whenever their bodies break apart, the music stops and their rapid breathing serves to heighten the emotion of the piece. However, despite the skillful and intimate choreography, Modern Feeling doesn’t really develop as a story, and the relationship between the dancers only changes in terms of the dance sequence, not in terms of the meaning behind it.

In the second part, What We’ve Lost, we are joined by more members of the company. The audience is reminded of joyful and playful childhood days full of imagination and freedom, as the dancers pass around and play with an invisible object that fascinates them. Throughout What We’ve Lost, each company member takes the lead to change the focus of the story. Unfortunately, What We’ve Lost has the same problem as Modern Feeling: it doesn’t really go anywhere. Although the choreography changes, the story doesn’t develop.

Neither piece has a recognisable story arc, and relationships between dancers are maintained throughout, never becoming more engaging or meaningful. Overall, One Fine Day is an impressive display of skilful and beautiful choreography, lacking slightly in substance, but still remaining interesting to watch.