@ C Nova, Edinburgh, until Mon 31 Aug 2015 @ 18:00

In a small studio in the C Nova venue, Lynn Ruth Miller has created a home. Photographs adorn the coffee tables, a beautiful smell fills the room and later on in the show, a vase of flowers adds to the homely feel. The show is primarily Miller’s life story told through the various fears she has faced and mastered over the years, and along with a few laughs, she gives each audience member food for thought.

Miller begins with her childhood fears: monsters in the window, dogs and bullies, before moving on to those fears which she has carried throughout her life: that she was undeserving of happiness, unloveable and that everything negative that happened to her was her fault. There is a sadness and a poignancy to this, but then she tells the room how she got over those fears and learnt to do the things she wanted to do, make her home the way she wanted it to be, and fight for the underdog along the way.

In amongst the storytelling she tells some jokes, recites a poem, sings a song and there is a beautiful piano accompaniment throughout to add to the lovely atmosphere in the room. It is a show like no other, where the audience are transported into Miller’s world and at the end of the show it feels like leaving the loveliest grandmother’s living room. She is an inspirational lady and, although the jokes are relatively few and far between for those expecting a comedy show, it is impossible to leave unsatisfied.