It’s time to check into Bobby’s Motel with the Montreal natives Pottery for their debut album. Described as an in-joke given life, Bobby’s Motel is a place to unwind and tune out from the stress and anxiety of the outside world.

Having toured with bands like Parquet Courts, Thee Oh Sees and Fontaines DC in the last year, Pottery’s frantic groovy sound sits appropriately next to these acclaimed names. The entire album feels like a house party but with production by Jonathan Schenke it ascends beyond the confines of the garage rock genre. Bobby’s Motel is a much grander venue than a house after all.

Which is why the appropriately named Reflection arrives squarely in the middle of the album. This is the track that gives listeners a little break before the party gets going again. It’s the (slightly) slower tune to let people get their breath back. The closing track Hot Like Jungle has a similar effect as it winds things down. The sun begins to rise outside the windows as this track draws the album to a close.

In disconcerting times with gigs far away in the hopeful future, albums like Welcome to Bobby’s Motel are a beacon of optimism. The album does more than just suggest what the experience of a live Pottery show would be like. If there was a downside to the near non-stop dancing rhythm it would be how it reminds listeners of what they can’t have right now: a lively gig. But that’s an issue so specific to this month, with any luck, it’ll dissipate as the year goes on.

Fans of the bands mentioned above will enjoy Welcome to Bobby’s Motel but there’s more to Pottery than that. There’s a Devo influence that raises its head throughout the album for example. It’s genuinely the sort of fun and joyful album that everyone should give a listen to. If you need a cheering up or you just want to switch off from the outside for a bit, Bobby’s Motel is there for you.