Note: This review is from the 2015 Fringe

@ Assembly George Square Theatre, Edinburgh, until Mon 31 Aug @ 12:30

What happened after she got off that plane? We know Ross and Rachel were always meant to be, but then what? This one woman duologue written by James Fritz and performed by Molly Vevers questions just that: do perfect couples always stay perfect?

It isn’t what you would expect, because first of all you might expect Ross to be there too, but it’s just Rachel, speaking for both of them. Which is ironic really, because that’s exactly what this play is about: modern relationships and how two people become one. He doesn’t need to be there: she will finish his sentences, speak for him and the letters are always addressed to her anyway. But what happens when the “we” becomes “I” again?

An intimate little theatre allows the audience to be engrossed into her truth. It is simply decorated, with lights, candles and a pool, which you’ll understand later. There’s relatable laughs from audience members thinking, ‘yes I know what she is talking about’, as she directly speaks to us and asks if we want coffee, and decides if it’s him or her that will die first. Fritz understands us – he understands relationships.

Not as related to the TV series as you may think by the title, it is about a guy who fell in love with his sister’s best friend and there are a few puns and references to the show and also to Notting Hill. But maybe this is a good thing; it might not be what you are hoping for, but Friends on stage—would that really work?