On Reflection is the collaborative product of friends Gold Panda and Jas Shaw of Simian Mobile Disco. Having been friends for a decade, Jas had mixed a couple of Gold Panda’s records and the two have often talked of collaborating beyond playing live shows together. They describe the project as a relaxed collaboration, created in Jas’s studio for enjoyment more than anything else. This sense of leisure can be heard throughout the album; On Reflection is a soporific collection of techno tracks.

There’s no ambition for being the best electronic album of the year. This is just a couple of friends having fun making music. In a sense, it’s the futuristic take on jamming together. Perhaps down to the barn it was created in, there are echoes of the old musicians of the 70s going out to country houses to record their albums in peace. 

Dicker’s Dream is a clear stand-out and currently the only track from the album with a video. At over eight and a half minutes, it is by far the longest track on the album, but it perfectly encapsulates the relaxed and leisurely atmosphere in which the album was created. It is so peaceful it is almost trance-like. 

This feeling continues throughout the album. Each track is distinct in its own way, such as Shimmer’s slower pace or Phone Call From The Future’s retro sound. But overall, every track retains the calmness of a couple of friends making some music together. 

The duo even admit they never had much intention of releasing an album. It was only when they realised that they had a number of good tracks that they might as well put it out digitally. This is perfect for those that enjoy relaxing electronic music to unwind to.