Have you ever imagined a full length Sci-Fi film live in theatrical form? Well now is your chance, because here you have it – Sleeping Trees: Sci-fi?

Award-winning, three-piece comedy act Sleeping Trees, the men behind Mafia? and Western? complete their live movie trilogy with the highly anticipated Sci-Fi? It’s their seventh year at the Fringe, their seventh full-length production and it’s fit for fans of theatre, comedy, film and music as it epically combines them all in an intense hour of aerobic comedy fun. Physical comedy, live music and science fiction all wrapped into one blockbuster of a show.

Back when the ancient planet Plutopia ruled the galaxy, pig farmer Charlie Sprog (AKA the chosen one) is taken from his quiet little farm and sent on an intergalactic journey to protect the world from destruction… but will he save the day?

They’re actors and writers, as well as inanimate objects; no need for set or props in this impressive live-action film. Joshua George Smith, John Woodburn and James Dunnell-Smith use their entire bodies and every muscle in their face, as they seamlessly shift from man to robot to intergalactic portal. Their energy is unbelievable as they play numerous parts and characterise them all uniquely. In their Star Trekinspired costumes, they almost look ready to perform a next generation ballet.

Plots of famous sci-fi films, references to pop culture and a little obsession with Ronan Keating are accompanied by a very distinctive live score by musicians Adam Hutchison and Dave Morgan. The music effortlessly ties in with every movement and every scene, even if the musicians can’t help laughing along with the cast. The soundtrack creates the perfect atmosphere; it’s a nerdy perfection for all the films buffs in the audience.

Sleeping Trees: Sci-Fi is clever, energetic and funny. It’s a very well-written theatrical story that contains all the tropes of a classic science fiction film and compacts them into a frantic hour of facial expressions and gymnastic routines. We can only imagine what they have in store for the future. Perhaps that aforementioned ballet? Please.