On this debut album, Glasgow band Static Future manage to ride the line between nostalgia and contemporary, bringing together a post-punk sound with some lo-fi dance music.

The opening I Can Hear The Message showcases this style brilliantly. It has a nice dancing melody that captures the indie dance sound but there is clear post-punk inspiration in the foundations. Good Things is a true stand out and is guaranteed to be a floor filler. It has the indie rock dance hit sound that at the same time echoes the post-disco era. 

Tracks like Big Decisions, The Great Beauty, and Only The Land Remains highlight Static Future’s ability to pen both indie rock dance tunes as well as slower more personal songs. Only The Land Remains specifically is a great indie rock song that takes its time layering the rhythms and vocals to create something really moving.

The Great Beauty is a great example of the band’s diverse sound, here giving more attention to the synth rhythms. While short, it perfectly paces the album and gives listeners something else in between the more energetic tracks.

Title track Oh Master shows the layered sound of the band. The rhythms, melodies and vocals work together to surround the listeners. It is one of the slower tracks on offer but has an almost hypnotic feeling to it thanks to these layers. You can see the flashlights swaying in the air just listening to this song.

Static Future impress with this debut. There is clear influence from the post-punk/new wave era but enough originality to see them stand out in today’s indie rock market. The distinct vocals give the band a Glasgow edge which along with their lo-fi sound sets them apart from other less exciting indie bands.