The Lovely Eggs, Lancaster’s favourite husband and wife punk duo, are totally done with tedious bullshit. Holly Ross (guitar/vocals) and David Blackwell (drums/odd jobs) have waded through the “eggsistential” mire of lockdown and this is the unfiltered sound of fury from the other side. Not that they’ve been idle during lockdown – Christ, no. Whilst every other couple in the UK was baking banana bread and honing their skills in low-level bickering, The Eggs busied themselves with creating an entire YouTube TV series – as you do – and, of course, writing four minute anarcho-punk zingers about a baking tray signed by Yoko Ono.

If you’ve watched any of the bloody batshit bonkers brilliant Eggs TV, you’ll kinda know what you’re in for. From the straight-to-video title theme music of ‘Intro’ to the psychedelic quotidian swirl of ‘I Am Gaia’, The Lovely Eggs cover every blade of grass, throwing women and children behind them and making one helluva gorgeous racket into the bargain. ‘My Mood Wave’, a trashy 60s pomp, supposedly a take on Simon and Garfunkel but with added play-doh, sounds like a throwback to early ’90s indie and ‘Death Grip Kids’ – “shove your funding up your arse” – is something the Ramones would have written as a protest cos their local swimming baths got closed down.

When playing to their strengths – I’m referring to fast, funny, two minute agit rock, not David making effects pedals from random cookware – as on ‘I Don’t Fucking Know What I’m Gunna Do’, they are borderline untouchable, grabbing your shit feelings by the proverbials and bashing the beans out of them. DIY music at it’s purest. Taken as a whole, the record is probably best described as “some killa, some filla” but I dare you to resist downloading Holly’s human beatbox intro to ‘Things’ as your next ringtone.

Go see these live, plug yourself into Eggs TV whilst assembling flat pack furniture, and succumb to the goodest of good eggs in the business. Fuck it, oh yeah.