Note: This review is from the 2019 Fringe

With Flint & Pitch Productions Jenny Lindsay has provided a vital platform for many spoken word performers to showcase their work. This Script is her own solo show, where she takes centre stage and tackles themes of gender, sex and feminism. During the show Jenny uses direct and engaging spoken word and touching and poignant poetry and the result is both inspiring and thought provoking.

This Script takes place in the Netherbow Theatre at the Scottish Storytelling Centre. Behind the performer is a screen on which black and white text is projected to introduce each section of the show. It is a basic setup, but this does not matter as the performance is entirely carried by Jenny’s relentless ability with powerful words that always seem to deeply connect with the audience. The genesis for the show is the #metoo movement and Jenny’s relationship to what this stands for. This Script never looses focus. The three core topics  could easily be presented as a rant or an overly emotional tirade. Jenny delivers her poetry with poise and restrain and this gives the audience space to comprehend the words and assess our own relationship to gender, sex and feminism.

Jenny tell us about how she discovered spoken word in her early twenties and this is also the time she uncovered feminism through the writings of Germaine Greer. We also learn of how the spoken word scene in Scotland at that time used to be very male dominated and that this has now thankfully changed. What has not changed is the fact that female performers are still made to feel vulnerable when being honest onstage and this comes with a mental burden. Jenny succinctly makes these points through expressive and passionate poetry. At times she speaks at a fast pace and never misses a beat. Each word comes thick and fast and the performance is entertaining and informative.

The time flies by and Lindsay does a fantastic job of presenting a complex and important subject in just a little over an hour.  This Script is also published as poetry collection from Stewed Rhubarb Press, however if given the chance make sure you catch her live, as this poetry is best experienced in person.