@ C South, Edinburgh, until Mon 31 Aug 2015 @ 13:15

It is the last day of the Edinburgh Festival Fringe, and things in the city have already wound down significantly. However, the four dancers from the JSLN Dance Company perform undaunted and with the utmost professionalism, despite their tiny audience.

Although contemporary dance is quite well represented at the Fringe, there has been little as connected to classical ballet as JSLN’s new work, Transitions of (I)dentity. Choreographed by Sören Magnus Niewelt, who is also the company’s artistic director, it explores the inner struggle that accompanies the journey to discovering who we are, towards our true identity.

The work comprises a number of sections—solos, duets, trios and ensemble pieces—which are extremely well executed by the four dancers. The work as a whole is nicely held together by a number of recurring thematic moves: a simple yet effective technique. The unfussy costumes give the dancers the look of classical sculpture, accentuated sometimes by the use of cold blue lighting.

The dancers are all very good, well matched and work very well as an ensemble. Jessica Larbig is particularly accomplished, her movements controlled, flowing and refined. However, it is as a group that they are really noteworthy, connecting with each other at all times, their movements nicely aligned, almost acting together as a single entity. There is a lot of energy and commitment behind the choreography, but at the same time the dancers make it look all quite effortless.

This was certainly a good choice to end the Fringe on: a very satisfying piece of contemporary ballet. JSLN Dance is definitely a company to look out for in future.