With 11 studio albums and numerous other projects under different names, Ty Segall needs no introduction. His previous album Freedom’s Goblin may have been his longest album yet at almost 75 minutes, but this live album clocks in at a much shorter 35 minutes. It sees the return of his backing band The Freedom Band, this time co-credited alongside Segall himself. The band have been together since recording his 2017 self titled album.

The album was recorded on stage at Los Angeles’ Teragram Ballroom and Steve Albini’s mixing gives listeners a great representation of being there in the room. For this reason Deforming Lobes is a gift to Segall fans who have never had a chance to see him perform. The frantic energy is perfectly captured and the connection between every member of the Freedom Band is palpable.

Deforming Lobes features tracks from throughout Segall’s career, including the Freedom Band’s new take on a number of Segall classics. For example, closing out the album is an updated seven minute version of Love Fuzz from Twins instead of the much softer original three minute track. It is a treat to have the opportunity to experience the new life that the Freedom Band brings to some of these songs. On top of this, the live setting leads to an intimate album that brings listeners as close to the audience as possible.

As an example of Segall’s work since collaborating with The Freedom Band in 2017, this album is a great introduction.