@Paradise in The Vault, Edinburgh, until Sat 15 Aug 2015 @ 17:55

We all like a good story. We tell them to each other every day, emphasising the key details to excite our friends’ attention. Marty Ross has perfected this art of storytelling and will captivate your attention for an entire hour leaving you imagining that you are sitting in the depths of the ancient, mouldering castle where this thrilling tale takes place.

The show alternates between two pieces, with tonight’s performance telling the thrilling tale of Blood and Stone. The story provides a sequel to Hungary’s infamous tale of Countess Elizabeth Bathory, unravelling the layers to the countess’s story as the mystery of this seemingly vampiric woman, is picked apart by an intriguing visitor to the castle.

The performance moves at a seemingly impossible speed and with a furious energy. Ross seems to have no need to stop and come up for air, effortlessly switching between characters to deliver a fluid and captivating sequence of events and detailed imagery. The pace of the narrative is well-timed to add mystery and intrigue that really draw the audience in. There is barely any evidence of movement from any of the audience members—no fidgeting or turning of heads to read others’ reactions—as Ross has their full attention throughout the performance.

This show is a must see for lovers of gothic and ghostly tales, the cave like venue adding to its authenticity. It’s certainly intriguing enough to make one want to go back and listen to his other tale The Gorbals Vampire, which has Glasgow as its gothic setting.