Note: This review is from the 2015 Fringe

@ Gilded Balloon, Edinburgh, until Mon 31 Aug 2015 @ 19:00

A full house, a decent flyer and more than half a million YouTube subscribers should make for a laugh-out-loud comedian, but laughs are few and far between at Alex Williamson’s show, That Guy from the Internet .

“That Guy from the Internet” he might be but he struggles to hit the mark for the Edinburgh Fringe audience, relying far too heavily on regular swearing and jokes about drugs which begin to lose their appeal quickly. It is not that the audience do not expect some toilet humour, but it is at times difficult to pick out what the joke actually is as he seemingly boasts about how many drugs he can buy and how long he sits at his Playstation; and toilet humour can only take you so far – surely a self-proclaimed social media sensation has more to give than just that?

And there are glimpses of it, small signs that Williamson is a funny guy – particularly his observations of the passion of Scottish football fans, Australians’ views of Ned Kelly and his remarks on an American tourist’s degrading of Edinburgh as dirty: ‘That’s what happens when the buildings are hundreds of f*****g years old.’ He starts to share his passion for history and the audience think it is going to get better, but no sooner do these flashes of inspiration come than they disappear again to be replaced by talk of inappropriate sexual conduct, paedophilia and more drugs. Admittedly, he has many fans, so the humour obviously appeals to some, but not in great degree to this Edinburgh Fringe audience.

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