Catherine Wheels’ multi-award winning White, a story designed for two to four year olds, arrives at the Traverse surprising and delighting not only young children but adults alike. A story of exploration, acceptance and the embrace of change, the wonderful world of White is threatened when colours start appearing in Cotton (Andy Manley) and Wrinkle’s (Ian Cameron) crisp, clean land.

Set in their absurdist white world, Cotton and Wrinkle wait for eggs to drop ready to be welcomed into their home with a kiss and a white woolly hat. As they go about their daily routine they occasionally come across small rectangles of colour which must be immediately binned with a satisfying plop. But when colour infiltrates one of their precious eggs Cotton and Wrinkle are confused and scared by the brightly pulsating hues. As it continues to spread throughout all the birdhouses in a giggling rainbow of light, will they try and bin them all, or will they embrace the exciting new change?

Shona Reppe’s set is a captivating magician’s box of tricks with surprises behind every birdhouse door and through each peep hole. A sensory adventure, the gentle textures and subtle use of lights and sounds complement the enchanting charm of the story and the characters perfectly. The simplistic nature of the piece and the relaxed pace is perfect for even the youngest of children to follow, with comical physicality delighting the young of heart with each sip of milk and sweep of broom. The subtle introduction of colours also adds humour throughout, finally resulting in a touching celebration of acceptance for variety and change, topped off with an explosion of coloured confetti. A charming introduction to theatre for the little ones or a visual delight for the young and old alike, White is a captivating performance of discovery and intrigue.