Showing @ Pleasance Courtyard until 30th Aug

Flying solo after so many years spearheading comedy trio We Are Klang through Edinburgh successes and onto a second (currently airing) BBC show may have seemed as an unnecessarily bold move for the gargantuan Greg Davies. His background teaching drama for over a decade to high school students is both evident in his performance and presentation of the act, using his near 7ft frame to surprisingly animated and rarely bombastic effect.

Many of these scenarios are retold as if Davies is spreading out a deeply personal jigsaw of a story. He ludicrously, sometimes painfully, pieces together an honest tale, before sweeping it neatly back in the box under the laughter, often muttering a post-punchline quip that embodies a braveness over brevity rarely seen at the Fringe.

Davies enviably manages to both touch base with the old guard of British 90’s comedy, whilst having the virility to launch curveball twists which make his solo departure a very justifiable comedic escapade.