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3 - 27 August 2018
Timpson: The Musical
Gigglemug amuses with inventive Shakespearean shoe-repairing, key-cutting silliness
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2 - 27 August 2018
A contrasting experience in a tale of two tents.
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1 - 27 August 2018
Bubble Show for Adults Only
Exuberant cabaret theatre that makes bubbles do things they’ve never done before.
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1 - 27 August 2018
Martin Kent's clever mimicry verges on the bizarre
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8 - 28 August 2017
Staging Wittgenstein
Wittgenstein's theories of language explored through physical theatre and balloons.
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21 - 29 August 2016
Hero Worship
A lighthearted exploration of serious issues which entertains without trivialising.
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6 - 16 August 2016
The Interference
Pepperdine University depict the fallout from the rape of an unconscious female student by a star football player at a college party.
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5 - 29 August 2016
Murder She Didn't Write
An improvised hour of hilarious suspicion, improbable weapons and raucous laughter.
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1 - 12 August 2018
Aquapella - I Wouldn't Be
UK National Champions of A Capella return to Edinburgh with a show that can only be good for our mental health.
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1 - 27 August 2018
Dickens for Dinner
The company behind Shakespeare for Breakfast take on Dickens' classic, Great Expectations, in their madcap afternoon show.
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