Claire Wood

Claire has a day job in advertising and an unofficial evening-time job haunting the theatres of Scotland. (And further afield, when she can find an excuse.) She's happiest just before curtain up.
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Character Flaw

Fast, funny rollercoaster ride to a diagnosis of ADHD

20 August 2023


Spine-tinglingly beautiful meditation on what makes us human

20 August 2023

No Love Songs

Bangin' gig theatre that packs a punch

16 August 2023


Circus that makes you forget for a minute that people can't fly

15 August 2023


Perky, punchy theatre that questions whether we ever really grow up

15 August 2023


Mythical, magical theatre

13 August 2023

Where is Love

Necessary work with an important message of hope

13 August 2023