Claire Wood

Claire has a day job in advertising and an unofficial evening-time job haunting the theatres of Scotland. (And further afield, when she can find an excuse.) She's happiest just before curtain up.
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Janis Joplin: Full Tilt

Darcy's Janis Joplin is phenomenal in this story of a life taken far too soon.

20 August 2018

No Kids

Physical theatre with panache - and Madonna on the side

19 August 2018


Scale, splendour, desolation and phenomenal dance commemorates the First World War

18 August 2018

Where It Hurts

A passionate, searing tribute to the NHS by Grassmarket Projects

16 August 2018

Let's Inherit The Earth

Punchy powerful reminder that more's needed if we want our children to inherit the earth

12 August 2018

The Lost Things

A perfectly formed immersive puppet show from Tortoise in a Nutshell

12 August 2018