Claire Wood

Claire has a day job in advertising and an unofficial evening-time job haunting the theatres of Scotland. (And further afield, when she can find an excuse.) She's happiest just before curtain up.
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All the Lights Are On

Finnish playwright Kaisa Lundan explores how illness can take its toll on loved ones.

10 August 2018


Starcatchers' children's show is touching and tender

10 August 2018

Nine Foot Nine

A neat premise for a show that's imaginatively executed.

10 August 2018

Baby Face

A daring take on the infantilisation of women.

9 August 2018

Man Down

Topical theatre from young Californian company visiting the Fringe for the first time

8 August 2018

Century Song

A thoughtful, compellingly magnetic piece from Volcano Theatre.

7 August 2018

Closed Doors

Part poetry, part rap, part song from the multi-talented Belle Jones.

5 August 2018

Fringe pit stops

Feeling peckish round the Fringe? Claire Wood offers some ideas for places to take a pit stop.

27 July 2018


Koleka Putuma's play is a piece of joyously vibrant South African theatre

3 June 2018

We Come From Far, Far Away

New International Encounter bring inventive, harrowing, and heartbreaking theatre to the Edinburgh International Children's Festival.

31 May 2018