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Edinburgh Filmhouse

Broken Silence

A powerful account of how the Franco regime affects one woman and her village

Edinburgh Filmhouse

The Eternal Feminine

A powerful yet truncated look at professional and personal equality in 1950s Mexico

Ben Elton
Queen's Hall

Ben Elton

Ranty bane of the Tories is still very entertaining, if a little unquestioning these days.

American Woman

A wandering film which serves to further the reputation of an underrated actress

Tron Theatre

The Alchemist

Gary McNair’s rhyming adaptation of a Jacobean farce is literal poetry in motion

King's Theatre

An Inspector Calls

Twenty-seven years on, Stephen Daldry’s production is still enthralling

Eden Court


Inventive children’s play stays on tract

Edinburgh Filmhouse


Remarkably relaxing documentary, despite concerning subject

Edinburgh Filmhouse

The Candidate

Darkly-humorous yet thrilling drama about political corruption through the eyes of one man