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Greenside @ Nicolson Square


A beautifully simple story about an agonising complex topic

Assembly Roxy

Knock Knock

Delightful silent fairy-tale about much more than just boy meets girl

Gilded Balloon @ Patter Hoose

Henry Box Brown

Epic story and breathtaking music marred by poor venue facilities

Greenside @ Infirmary Street

And Then They Died

Fledgling company present comic meta-theatre in repeat of strong debut

Pleasance Courtyard

Lucy Porter: Be Prepared

Would adult life goals be more achievable if badges were handed out? Lucy Porter ponders this and more in her latest show

Pleasance Courtyard

The Incident Room

An empathetic look into the investigation that caught The Yorkshire Ripper

theSpace @ Surgeon's Hall


A millenial trying to have a baby in a dystopian future



An outstanding and exhilarating piece of work

Assembly Rooms


A magnificent, magical circus display with an incredible soundtrack and a look to die for

Assembly George Square Theatre

Noise Boys

A high-octane display of tapping, rapping and beatboxing which will delight all the family