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Sunny Afternoon
King's Theatre (Glasgow)

Sunny Afternoon

Ray Davies’ musical biography of British Invasion bad boys The Kinks brings a welcome splash of sunshine.

Measure For Measure
Royal Lyceum Theatre

Measure for Measure

Blisteringly intense Russian language production removes fluffy comedic stuffing to expose Shakespeare’s razor wit.

All My Sons

Rapture’s production of Arthur Miller’s All My Sons is a solid, if uninspiring, introduction to this lynchpin of modern American drama.

The Last Hotel

Lauded Irish Director-Playwright Enda Walsh trades cryptic characters for musical bombast in his first foray into opera.


Miranda meets YouPorn in this scabrous comedy from Broadchurch’s Phoebe Waller-Bridge


An effervescent master-class in solo performance that never quite gets to grips with the emotional nitty-gritty of its subject matter.


Filter’s ingenious retelling is sometimes too preoccupied with its own cleverness to land the full emotional body-blow


A heart-pounding, head-spinning experience that exposes the voyeur in all of us.


HOWL(ing) exposes the greatest minds of post-indyref Scotland in an affectionate and admirably unbiased blast of theatrical sunlight.

My Name Is…

A bittersweet love letter to the pain of broken families, difficult choices and unforeseen repercussions.


Despite a promising set-up, a disappointing script ensures the only heart on show in this cross-cultural love triangle is the title.

The Tempest

A lively production that unflinchingly explores themes of colonisation of one of Shakespeare’s best-loved comedies.

The Libertine

This hugely enjoyable production charms with as much wit and swagger as its main protagonist.

Invisible Empire

Ambitious but underdeveloped performance piece exploring what turns well-adjusted citizens into violent revolutionaries.


A subversive and genuinely charming love story perfect for anyone who has ever felt they were being watched.