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Jonny Sweet


After four years in the wanderlust wilderness, Jonny Sweet is back to the homeland to gorge himself on musical and cinematic catnip and scribble furiously in dimly lit rooms.

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Edinburgh Filmhouse

Happy as Lazzaro

Beguiling magic realism doubles up as religious parable and social commentary.

Lauriston Hall


Relaxed exhibition of short films challenging the female gaze.

Edinburgh Filmhouse


Engaging, empathetic look at the struggles of a teenage transgender ballerina.

Edinburgh Filmhouse

Beautiful Boy

Uncomfortable portrayal of the impact of addiction upon others.



Eviscerating and absorbing look at child neglect and poverty on the streets of Beirut.

Edinburgh Filmhouse

Nae Pasaran

Heart-warming documentary about Scottish workers sticking it to tyranny.

Outlaw King

Slow-moving epic prioritises history over entertainment – but struggles with both.

Children of Men

Cinematographic masterclass delves into a dark but disturbingly recognisable future.


Unsettling exploration of how an unhappy adolescence can haunt adulthood.

Edinburgh Filmhouse

First Man

Up-close-and-personal biopic can’t get under Armstrong’s skin.