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Jonny Sweet


After four years in the wanderlust wilderness, Jonny Sweet is back to the homeland to gorge himself on musical and cinematic catnip and scribble furiously in dimly lit rooms.

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Offbeat comedy set inside a nudist camp explores the effects of grief and loss

Glasgow Film Theatre

Cook F**k Kill

Surreal take on the repetitive and inescapable nature of domestic abuse

Edinburgh Filmhouse

Queen of Hearts

Compelling portrayal of the righteous turned rotten

Of Montreal

Typically exuberant fare from synthpop veterans let down by lack of subtlety

Edinburgh Filmhouse

Jojo Rabbit

Nazi-bashing romp is as silly and serious as life itself


Debut filmmakers show impressive skills with shoestring budget but over-egg the inanity

Edinburgh Filmhouse

After the Wedding

Tale of familial strife and philanthropic quandaries fails to hit the emotional notes it seeks

Edinburgh Filmhouse


Grimly authentic portrait of a dysfunctional family and its effects on the younger members

Usher Hall

Havana Moon

As close as is possible to get to the Stones’ iconic concert without boarding a flight (or a time machine)