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Michael Shand


Michael is an award-winning, Edinburgh based playwright, with a big appetite for live theatre. He's been writing scripts for almost a decade and aspires to write (and occasionally produce) risky, cutting edge theatre. Most of his work is written in the Scottish vernacular, and is predominantly fictitious. He has produced thirteen of his own scripts - all with local theatre company 'That's Lunch Productions'.

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Shawshank Redemption

Revered as one of the greatest films of all time, the stage version doesn’t reach such lofty heights

Wojtek the Bear

Wojtek the Bear

This perfectly constructed production is one trip down the Royal Mile you shouldn’t miss out on.


Embarrassingly melodramatic play set in a hospital waiting room, full of inexplicable activities and clichéd phrases about love.


Satirical, romantic drama about life, love and the little things in-between.

Dead Letter Office

Occasionally predictable, but with a poignancy that is maintained through to its dénouement.

Comfort Slaves

Corruption, conspiracy, and the monotony of the everyday existence are to the fore in this brutally barbaric production.


A fast-paced example of the capriciousness of everyday working life


Enthusiastic youngsters from Strange Town theatre company in a witty one-act play about the perils of social media.

Crazy Jane

Birds of Paradise Theatre present a pathos-laden piece about a chronically hysterical young girl who becomes a dancing star.


Stage-writing debut of performer Fiona Geddes is a courageous, bold, and vivid exploration of the schizophrenic mind.

Fat Alice

Effortlessly acted two-hander, but absurdism drowns out its potential.

The History Boys

An overwhelming array of talent on display in Sell A Door’s production of the nation’s favourite play.


Inspired by pagan and animist rituals, Damien Jalet and Scottish Dance Theatre’s piece is taut, robust and evocative.