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Peter Munro

After studying English and Film & Media at Uni, Peter eventually moved to Glasgow so he could be nearer the GFT. He will do anything if Doctor Who and tea is involved.

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A Disappearing Act

A bewildering display of artifice focusing on the thin line between laughter and grief.

Tron Theatre


A well-structured and sensitive look at history and identity.


Cyrano de Bergerac

Tedious, over-long, unfocussed, dull and largely impenetrable production from National Theatre of Scotland

Tron Theatre


Touring Scotland this month, Vent is a dazzling, nightmarish quasi-dystopian examination of mental health issues.

Citizens Theatre

A Night to Remember

This ambitious collaboration of the Citizens Theatre’s drama groups culminates in a highly satisfying mix of drama, nostalgia and the supernatural.

Glasgow Film Theatre

Isle of Dogs

Visually ravishing stop motion animation with perhaps too much imagination.

Tron Theatre


Poignant and insightful examination of human nature by Leyla Josephine

Citizens Theatre


Messy, unengaging work from a dedicated performer

Strangers On A Train
Theatre Royal Glasgow

Strangers on a Train

Serviceable version of murder pact drama made famous by Hitchcock