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Assembly Roxy

The Box

Deeply affecting and important work explores the dark world of depression

Tron Theatre

Power Ballad

Physical theatre that is too abstract to support meaning

Dance Base

The Forecast

Amy Bell presents a multimedia dance performance about the queer female body

ZOO Southside

Black Holes

Spoken word and dance combine to present a science fiction universe

ZOO Southside


AI put under the microscope in creative and thought-provoking play

Festival Theatre

Rite of Spring

Yang Liping’s Buddhist retelling of Stravinsky‚Äôs Rite of Spring

Wee Red Bar


Unique take on the theatre genre which is impressive despite a lack of clarity

Assembly Roxy

Knock Knock

Delightful silent fairy-tale about much more than just boy meets girl



An outstanding and exhilarating piece of work

Assembly Rooms


A magnificent, magical circus display with an incredible soundtrack and a look to die for